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The Hobby Line Internet offers many advertising options network-wide.

1 - We run 26 online niche web Directories that each has the option of a Premium listing.  The Premium listing places a link to your website in the top position of the most appropriate category, generally with the option of adding additional information such as your banner, and 250 characters of additional text that describes your business.

Your Premium listing will also appear randomly on every inner page of this site, thus giving your website greater exposure.

2 - We also offer a Pay-Per-Click advertising option on each of those Directories as well.  Signing up for this program is free.  Once signed up, you simply log into your account, add your listing and any keywords or phrases that you wish to bid on, then add as little as $5.00 to your account to activate the listing.  These listings will appear on any inner page of the Diretory that matches the words you bid on.  Funds are deducted from your account only when a visitor clicks through to your site from one of these search results.

3 - Another way to list your website is through our Link Partner program.  This is a subscription based option that will place a link to your website on EVERY inner page of the Directory you choose!  You may opt out of this PayPal subscription at any time.

4 - You can also visit our 'Site Submission Service' page to apply for a Premium listing on all 26 of our Directories.  The cost is $250 per year.

5 - Our newest advertising program will display your website on every page of a selected Directory website, and do so within Google's guidelines.

The program will display your site, or as many sites as you wish to display, by using a JavaScript code, not visible to the various spiders.  The code can display your site in text or with a logo, whichever you prefer.

This is perfect for those companies that are responsible for submitting many of their customer's websites for SEO purposes.  Imagine being able to rotate your customer's listings on EVERY page of any selected Directory, and how much this could increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaign.

To see a list of our niche Directory websites, please go to: https://www.hobbyline.com/aboutus.htm

Your site(s) do not have to match the niche Directory website to qualify for this advertising campaign.

The cost is just $5.00 per month per Directory, up to a maximum of $25 per month to be listed in all of our Directories.  Remember, this listing includes every inner page of the selected Directory.

If you are interested, please fill out the submission form located at: http://hobbyline.com/forms/sitelisting.htm  You will only receive a PayPal subscription request after you have selected the specific Directory you wish to be listed on.


Last Updated: Wednesday October 11, 2023

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